Transform Your Smartphone into an IoT Network With Nodle

• Nodle is a platform for developing IoT solutions and building large-scale, low-cost networks.
• Smartphones can be used as ’nodes‘ to create decentralized IoT networks.
• Nodle’s Smart Missions enable businesses to track their assets in real-time with incentivized remote asset monitoring.

What is Nodle?

Nodle is a connectivity platform that focuses on developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The platform enables the development of large-scale, low-cost IoT networks based on existing infrastructure, such as smartphones and other connected devices. Its ultimate objective involves making IoT technology more accessible and affordable for both businesses and individuals.

How Does it Work?

Nodle uses Bluetooth technology to allow smartphones to connect to other devices and send data to the cloud, creating a massive network of interconnected devices that can be used for a variety of applications and practical use cases. This makes it cost-effective, as users can build an IoT network without investing in expensive hardware by simply using their existing smartphones.

Smart Missions

Nodle has developed ‚Smart Missions‘, which are ways to program the Nodle Network with new use cases while rewarding participants. These missions enable businesses to track their assets in real time from anywhere using incentivized remote asset monitoring solutions powered by IoT technology.

Benefits of Using Nodle

By utilizing this powerful tool, businesses can benefit from improved asset tracking capabilities at minimal costs, while individuals have access to easily accessible and affordable IoT technology that was previously difficult or expensive to obtain.


Nodle is revolutionizing the way we make use of our smartphones by allowing us to create interconnected networks of devices in order to make better use of our resources while saving money in the process. With its innovative Smart Missions feature, users will find themselves equipped with powerful tools capable of enhancing various aspects of their lives whether they are entrepreneurs or everyday consumers looking for an easier way manage their digital assets